Bachelor of Electrical Engineering with Honours

The Bachelor of Electrical Engineering with Honours (SEEEH) program is offered by the Faculty of Electrical Engineering to prepare graduates for careers in electrical engineering.  Throughout the program, emphasis is placed on acquiring a thorough understanding of the basic principles and skills in Electrical Engineering.  The curriculum includes core and specialised electrical engineering courses, related general education courses, and non-technical support courses.[more]    

Bachelor of Eletronic Engineering with Honours

A rapid development in electronics, computer and telecommunication industry is one of the major contributors to the Malaysian economy. Rapid development has enabled the electronic, computer and telecommunication industry to flourish. This means that more and more competent electronic graduates are required, to meet the growing demand of skilled manpower. The requirements towards professionals in this field is gradually intensifying and it is predicted that the need will be continued in the next few years. Electronic Engineering is a vast area of studies and is gradually expanding. Graduates undertaking this programme will face a demanding professional career ahead. Various courses are being offered within the programme with the intention of preparing graduates with sufficient knowledge in the electronic field. [more]

Bachelor of Engineering (Biomedical) with Honours

The Bachelor of Engineering (Biomedical) with Honours is offered on a full-time basis. There is a growing demand for technical professionals who can effectively integrate the fields of biomedical science and engineering. Professionals who are capable of understanding medical problems within the context of engineering sciences will be able to solve problems that are of interest to both engineers and medical practitioners. [more]


Buku Peraturan Akademik

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