Practical Training

Sarting from Semester 1 2019/2020, Industrial Training Exemption Condition:

1.       Must have minimum 3 years working experience in electrical engineering field starting from obtaining diploma.

2.    Must have gathered minimum 90 credits when applying for this exemption.

3.    Fill-up and submit exemption request form (PPSM-SPA-PKK-004).

4.    Fill-up and submit Employment History form ((FKE-LP-8).

5.    Attach an employment confirmation letter from employer.

6.    Submit a report on engineering work done in the last 3 years. The report consists of:

a.       Company’s background and Organisational Structure.

b.       Description/report of a major engineering work done in the last 3 years.

c.       Conclusion and Recommendation.

d.       References

e.    Signed and approved by a superior who is an engineer.

Forms to be submitted:

Email to:, cc: